Yellow Horse: CD
  • Yellow Horse: CD
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  1. Yellow Horse
  2. Sacramentos
  3. Forty Acres and a Mule
  4. The Grulla Mare
  5. Montana Skies
  6. When Thirty Was Old
  7. The World's Gone Crazy
  8. Ride the Waves
  9. Horses Dogs and Kids
  10. You're the One
  11. Ways of Another Time
  12. She Calls Me Daddy
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"A Cowboy Like Me": CD
  • "A Cowboy Like Me": CD
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  1. "Old New Mexico Moon" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  2. "Sittin' Here With You" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  3. "Wild Horses" Doug Figgs
  4. "Viento Del Sur" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  5. "A Cowboy Like Me" Doug Figgs
  6. "It Don't Matter Now" Doug Figgs
  7. "Those Old Days" Doug Figgs
  8. "Bein' a Cowboy" Todd Carter/Doug Figgs
  9. "Play It For Me..." Doug Figgs/Mariam
  10. "Do You Believe In Angels" Doug Figgs
  11. "Can't You See" Toy Caldwell
  12. "Everything That's Beautiful" Doug Figgs
  13. "Christmas For a Cowboy" Doug Figgs/Mariam
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"...thinkin' of you": CD
  • "...thinkin' of you": CD
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  1. "Big Iron" Marty Robbins
  2. "In It For the Ride" Doug Figgs
  3. "One more Ride" Mikki Daniel
  4. "...thinkin' of you" Doug Figgs/Mikki Daniel/Mariam
  5. "Alchesay" Doug Figgs
  6. "Medina Mules" Mikki Daniel
  7. "Chasin' the Sun" Doug Figgs
  8. "Majesty's Song" Mikki Daniel
  9. "Ever Since the Rain" Doug Figgs/Mikki Daniel/Mariam
  10. "Saddle Up and Ride" Mikki Daniel
  11. "Viejo Amigo" Doug Figgs/Rusty Battenfield/Mariam
  12. "Texas Plains" Stuart Hamblen
  13. "The Color of My Love" Doug Figgs/Todd Carter/Mariam
  14. "You Don't Know Me" Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold
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"Partners": CD
  • "Partners": CD
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  1. "Life of an Outlaw" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  2. "Charlie and Evangeline" Carter/Figgs
  3. "It's a Good Day" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  4. "Jenny on My Mind" Doug Figgs
  5. "Socios" Doug Figgs/Ethan Smith
  6. "One More Thing" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  7. "She's Gone" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  8. "I Don't Want To" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  9. "Wagon Wheel" Dylan/Secor
  10. "Ridin' the Pens" Doug Figgs
  11. "Nothin' Wrong" Figgs/Figgs/Mariam
  12. "Runnin' With the Wind" Figgs/Mariam
  13. "The Cowboy Way" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  14. "Find Yourself a Cowgirl" Doug Figgs
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Some of my favorites...
  • Some of my favorites...
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1. "Working Man Blues" Merle Haggard
2. "Hey There Delilah" Higgenson
3. "Fire on the Mountain" George McCorkle
4. "Folsom Prison Blues" Johnny Cash
5. "Sister Golden Hair" Beckley
6. "Everything That Glitters" McDill/Seals
7. "Letter to Angelina" Mike Blakely
8. "Last Comanche Moon" Mike Blakely
9. "Desert Skies" Caldwell
10. "God Must be a Cowboy" Dan Seals
11. "Sweet Baby James" James Taylor

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"All Because of You"
  • "All Because of You"
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1. "I'm Still From Arizona" Doug Figgs/Mariam
2. "You Were My Heroes" Doug Figgs
3. "Changes" Doug Figgs/Mariam
4. "N Bar" Doug Figgs
5. "It's All About the Horses" Doug Figgs
6. "All Because of You" Doug Figgs/Mariam
7. "Do Horses go to Heaven" Doug Figgs/Mariam
8. "Cowboy's Cowboy" Doug Figgs/Mariam
9. "Heard it in a Love Song" Toy Caldwell
10. "Old New Mexico" Doug Figgs
11. " Ruffian" Doug Figgs/Mariam
12. "Dancing With Matilda" Doug Figgs/Mariam

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