"...thinkin' of you": CD
  • "...thinkin' of you": CD
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  1. "Big Iron" Marty Robbins
  2. "In It For the Ride" Doug Figgs
  3. "One more Ride" Mikki Daniel
  4. "...thinkin' of you" Doug Figgs/Mikki Daniel/Mariam
  5. "Alchesay" Doug Figgs
  6. "Medina Mules" Mikki Daniel
  7. "Chasin' the Sun" Doug Figgs
  8. "Majesty's Song" Mikki Daniel
  9. "Ever Since the Rain" Doug Figgs/Mikki Daniel/Mariam
  10. "Saddle Up and Ride" Mikki Daniel
  11. "Viejo Amigo" Doug Figgs/Rusty Battenfield/Mariam
  12. "Texas Plains" Stuart Hamblen
  13. "The Color of My Love" Doug Figgs/Todd Carter/Mariam
  14. "You Don't Know Me" Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold
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