"A Cowboy Like Me": CD
  • "A Cowboy Like Me": CD
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  1. "Old New Mexico Moon" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  2. "Sittin' Here With You" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  3. "Wild Horses" Doug Figgs
  4. "Viento Del Sur" Doug Figgs/Mariam
  5. "A Cowboy Like Me" Doug Figgs
  6. "It Don't Matter Now" Doug Figgs
  7. "Those Old Days" Doug Figgs
  8. "Bein' a Cowboy" Todd Carter/Doug Figgs
  9. "Play It For Me..." Doug Figgs/Mariam
  10. "Do You Believe In Angels" Doug Figgs
  11. "Can't You See" Toy Caldwell
  12. "Everything That's Beautiful" Doug Figgs
  13. "Christmas For a Cowboy" Doug Figgs/Mariam
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