Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Doug Figgs and I am a Western  singer/songwriter from Lemitar, NM. My musical influences include Country, Western, and Southern Rock. I can perform solo, as a duo with Mariam Funke, or as a trio (Doug Figgs, Jim Jones and Mariam) as "The Cowboy Way". I have 4 CDs currently available at the "Store" on this website. They are "Some of my favorites..." , a collection of some of my favorite cover songs, "All Because of You", a collection of Western/Americana songs mostly written or co-written by me, and "Partners", a very well received album with 3 award winning songs. I am very proud to announce that my newest CD "A Cowboy Like Me" is now available on my web site!

Find "A Cowboy Like Me" on the "Store" page

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"News Flash"

  Newest "News Flash"!!!! I am very proud and honored to receive the Academy of Western Artists "Will Rogers Award" for 2015 Western Male Vocalist of the Year!!!

  My new CD "A Cowboy Like Me" is now available in the "Store" page of this web site!!!! Go to the top
of this page and click on "Store".

  I am very honored to be named 2015 WMA songwriter of the year. Thanks to my songwriting buddies Todd Carter, Mariam, Ethan Smith and my wife Cathy!

   Wow! My song "Socios" was named 2015 WMA song of the year! Thanks to co-writers Mariam Funke, and Ethan Smith.

 "Running With the Wind", a co-write with Mariam, won the New Mexico Music Awards 2015 best western song. That makes 3 award winning songs from the "Partners" CD!  

   My song "Socios" won the Academy of Western Artists "Will Rogers Award" for 2014 best Western song!
   Just found out my buddy Todd Carter and I won the Western Writers of America 2015 Spur Award for best Western song with our co-write "Charlie and Evangeline"!

   Our trio, "The Cowboy Way" (Doug Figgs, Jim Jones, and Mariam Funke), won the 2014 WMA "Harmony Trio Award" at the "Western Music Association" convention this year!

   From the Winter 2015 issue of the Western Way Magazine.... my CD "Partners" is number 4 of the top 30 Cowboy/Western Albums on the Western Music Charts and my song "Socios" is number 3 of the top 10 most played songs by Western Music DJs!

   I also now have a "Doug Figgs" music page on facebook and I invite you to "like" my page to get more info on upcoming events.

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